We Care

We are very concern about the challenges related to the health and welfare of the families, environmental influences.

Effective Cleaning

Formulated with latest technologies to bring you the sophisticated cleanness that you and your family deserve.

All Purpose

Wide variety of hygine products. Our profucts consists of household hygiene, individual hygiene and cloths hygiene.

Variety Of Products

Everything you need for home and your  personal hygine:

  • Dishwashing Liquid
  • Surface Cleaners
  • Glass Cleaner
  • Bleach
  • Toilet Cleaner
  • Liquid Hand-Wash

High Quality Products

Our aim is produce and expanding of such a products which are always selected by local and abroad consumers. Dependency on studies for producing high quality products is the most prominent exclusivities of GOLE SANG brand. GOLE SANG products enjoy equipped research labs, quality control and microbial also benefit advanced accessories in the direction of producing and presenting the best products to the consumers.

Company Vision

We aim to be recognized as one of the premier cleaning solution providers globally by offering
effective cleaning products that give customers the best value for money.

  • Increasing customer satisfaction through recognition of their actual and potential needs.
  • Increasing knowledge level , skill and personnel insight also effort with enabling them as a most valuable assets of organization.
  • Increasing level of products quality and services.

Our Products

Entrepreneurship Perspective

Entrepreneurship means: identification process of economical opportunity, creation of business and new companies, innovator and growth discovery for utilization of identified chances as a result of supplying the new goods and services.  BABOL GOLPASAND  production company under  GOLE SANG brand could already produce 10 group of hygiene products and recruit 500 experts  due to needs of Iranian consumer society .

Product Developement

The GOLE SAND brand products divided in to the 3 group: cloths hygiene, individual hygiene and household  hygiene.  

Experts and specialists of GOLE SANG brand in all the 3 category with using facilities and  special accessories are in continuous operation and charge of  following:

  • Discovery
  • Designing
  • Distribution

Available Everywhere

Our aim is to produce and expanding of such products which are always selected by local and abroad consumers. You can find our product at your nearest local store.


Like no others